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Humanity is facing a wake up call that our planet is becoming hotter because of greenhouse gas emissions and it puts us at risk of many natural disasters. It is crucial that as a society we move towards a low-carbon lifestyle and decrease the amount of fuel we burn, lowering our contribution to global warming. The only solution for climate change is the low-carbon economy, and making sure that your products’ entire supply chain has a minimum emissions.

We are not only an online store for bamboo underwear but also garment manufacturers, so we are a business to business (b2b) company. We form partnerships with other businesses, artists, or influencers who seek to develop their own brand of ecological garments. Our minimal orders are relatively low, so we can even negotiate custom underwear too.

When we first started this business we set out to do one thing and one thing only — to make the best boxer briefs for men. Not only did we make an excellent pair of slim fit boxer briefs in 8 colors, but we also added the best bamboo briefs, thermal leggings, bamboo jersey tank tops, and 34 sleeve baseball T-Shirts to our current inventory.

Everything on your website is manufactured in our facility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We are part of a greater community of underwear manufacturers in our region, and much of the accessories and the labor is sourced locally, further reducing our carbon footprint. We can compete with the best mens underwear brands on the market today, so we are offering a variety of B2B deals for wholesale underwear, custom underwear, custom designs, and logos for retail stores, underwear stores, online underwear stores, business owners, and artists all over the world.

Business to business:

Wholesale underwear

Do you have a clothing store? Whether it’s physical or online, we offer fantastic commissions to resellers. Please contact us via email if you are interested in supplying your underwear store with our bamboo underwear brand.

Low minimum quantities:

Custom underwear

As we mentioned on the page of our mens underwear size chart, we can make boutique quantities of custom underwear sizes. Our minimum order requirements are competitively low, depending on your desired item. We can also assemble other types of garments and a diverse choice of fabrics. We only insist that we are doing it ecologically. 

We are always developing new models, prototypes, counter-samples, and trade samples. At the request of our clients and partners, we can cooperate to develop any kind of clothing. 

Just write us!

Find your merch:

Custom branding

We offer custom logo design and printing for garments such as underwear, tank tops, trunks, leggings, t-shirts, shirts, and so on. This is especially popular for environmental organizations, influencers, and artists who are seeking high-quality ecological merch to resell to their followers.


We prefer to work with bamboo cloth, however, we are also open to other fibers depending on the carbon footprint of the proposed fabric.

Over the last few years, much of clothing manufacturing has been outsourced to China because of cheap labor and fewer environmental restrictions. We are making an attempt to bring part of the manufacture of undergarments (primarily the assembly of them for now) back to Europe. 

Maybe someday we will be able to finance a bamboo forest plantation and fabric-weaving operation also, but for now, that part of our supply chain is still on the other side of the world. 

In order for us to achieve our goal of reviving the Bulgarian textile industry, our manufacturers have worked for the past 30 years to make sure that we guarantee our own level of competitiveness:

  • Unlike our Asian counterparts, there are no tariff and import taxes that need to be paid;
  • Transportation expenses are less, so clients can allow smaller batch orders;
  • Short delivery time to the Western market – up to 48 hours maximum;
  • The labor cost is also the most competitive in Europe;
  • The quality of the articles, the control system, and the know-how of the production processes up to the highest European Standard.
  • We are located in a stable geopolitical location within Europe:
  • Bulgaria is a country with parliamentary democracy; it is a member of the EU, NATO, and WTO and offers political and macroeconomic stability.
  • Bulgaria has a strategic location, with fast access to all European markets as well as Russia and the Middle East.
  • The lowest tax rate in all of EU
  • Free trade zone across the EU in comparison with the 12% customs duty on the total value of the article to Asian suppliers.
  • The transportation expenses from Bulgaria to other European countries are four times cheaper than from Asia.

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