How bamboo underwear prevents jock itch

This is a subject that for many guys is difficult to discuss – the dreaded jock itch. Despite the fact that it is rarely talked about, almost everyone develops an itchy infection in their crotch at some point in their lives, both men and women. Some people are lucky and are able to overcome it, while for others it can be a chronic and debilitating condition. Regardless of the name, it doesn’t happen to only athletes, but just about anyone with sweat glands in their nether regions.

What causes jock itch?

The condition known as “jock itch” is primarily caused by a fungus that infects the grown, similar to that which causes athlete’s foot, ringworm, tinea versicolor or dandruff. The infection occurs when there is too much moisture in the groin area for a prolonged period of time. That moisture provides the conditions for the fungus to multiply and cause the unpleasant symptom known as “jock itch”.

It’s most common in the summer months due to higher temperatures causing more ball sweat, but it can also be triggered by clothing that is too insulating during winter. Hockey players often suffer from jock itch because they sweat profusely in their protective cups, and their balls stay like that for hours. People who wear uniforms, such as police officers and postal workers, are also common victims of jock itch.

Jock itch usually starts as a red patch of skin on the upper thigh that moves towards the center of the body, spreading outwards. It can get very itchy and accompanied by increased sensitivity in the region.

How to treat jock itch

Most cases of jock itch are treated by over-the-counter medications in the form of topical creams, anti-fungal powders and sprays. If you develop jock itch, you must treat it aggressively right away because once the fungus infects one part of your body, it can move onto your armpits, butt crack, back, legs and neck. The best way to deal with the disease is taking preventative measures and trying not to get it in the first place.

How to treat prevent jock itch

Avoiding a fungal infection in your groin is a relatively simple combination between overall health and keeping the area cool and dry at all times. It is crucial you avoid your balls becoming too wet and hot from sweating. This is all determined by the kind of underwear you choose to put on. Cotton underwear has a tendency to only absorb moisture, but it does not do a very good job at releasing it. Bamboo underwear, on the other hand, has special moisture-wicking properties that ease evaporation.

Perspiration from the sweat glands in your groin is absorbed by our premium BUMBUK bamboo fabric, which then aerates and dries out quickly. The effect this has on your skin is magical. As the moisture evaporates from the bamboo fibers, it is simultaneously sucked away from your skin, similar to osmosis.

Your balls need is something naturally breathable and cooling. Bumbuk bamboo underwear is therapeutic and soothing. The viscose-derived bamboo fabric is odor and allergy-resistant. Not only that, it maintains a healthy body temperature. And prevents sweating around the crotch. This underwear has 95% viscose bamboo and 5% spandex. The little spandex that it consists of is super supportive. It sits well on your skin and breathes well.

Viscose bamboo is comfortable, lightweight, and firm. And this best underwear for jock itch feels just as superior and ‘high-end’. It’s skin tight, but also slippery enough that it does not cause uncomfortable wedgies, etc.


If all you want to do is keep your private parts fresh and dry. You’ve got to treat your junk correctly, am I right? And the best approach is to invest in good underwear. The root cause of all jock itch is bad underwear.

By spending a bit more money on quality bamboo underwear, you are saving yourself the trouble of getting jock it. What you need is a soft, dry, and comfortable pair of underwear. It won’t irritate your skin or get in between your legs. These boxer briefs cradle your legs without rubbing against your skin. The fiber has both odor-eliminating and moisture-wicking qualities. The kind that won’t invite sweat or moisture.

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